Accelerated Reader
Here are the great prizes for A.R Points earned.
Accelerated Reader
Students should read at least 20 minutes a night.  Let them read books, magazines, newspapers, comics, even cereal boxes! THE MORE OUR READ, THE MORE YOU LEARN!
Students are to earn 15 points each trimester as part of their Reading Grade.
Accelerated Reader Leaders!
Andres C
Leah C.

Accelerated Reader Levels for Fourth Grade

Pencil  5 Points
 Folder  15 Points
Button  25 Points
 Lanyard  30 Points
 Pin  35 Points
 Bronze Medal  40 Points
 Silver Medal  45 Points
 Gold Medal  50 Points
 Picture with Mr. Gronotte  60 Points
 Class Visit and Treat  70 Points
 Extra Playground Time with Mr. Gronotte  80 Points
 Name on Marquee  100 Points
 Lunch  and Extra Recess with Mr. Gronotte  120 Points
 STAR Performer Medal   135 Points