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Lasselle Elementary School
26446 Krameria Ave., Moreno Valley, CA 92555
Phone: 951-490-0350
FAX: 951-490-0355
Make Every Day Count
Missing School = Missing Out

Click below to clear your child’s absence

1. All student(s) must attend school each and every day and be on time.
2. If they are NOT in school; they are NOT learning!!
3. Please bring a doctor’s note and/or absent note when the student (s) returns to school.
4. It is important to keep your Emergency Form updated. If addresses, contacts, telephone numbers, cell numbers or email have changed please come into the school office as soon as possible.
5. When student(s) are absent they are missing valuable instructional time!
6. Parent(s) and student(s) must give education top priority each and every day; from Kindergarten through 12th grade, college and into their professional life.
7. Please email Sarah Overturf at Or you may leave a message 951-490-0350 Ext. 53104.

  • Can you: unstack cups, place them in a pyramid formation, without touching them with your hands? #problemsolvers
  • Our students loved our laser show for Black History Month today! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup #blackhistorymonth
  • We are so grateful for our parent volunteers and PTO! Our first grade sponsored Valentine’s dance was a success! #leopardpride #showyourspots #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • Thanks @manuellreales for the tech walk today! Collaboration is the key to success and we are grateful for your invite to share! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • Mr. Pawlowski sharing out on our new Robotics program to our awesome staff! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • Our garden boxes will be installed soon! We are so excited!!! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup #garden
  • Our board Member Mr. Ty Liddell with our Teacher of the year Mrs. Andrade. We had a wonderful visit today, thank you for coming by Lasselle! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • @modrobotics in Mr.Pawlowski’s class🖤. #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • Great job showing your college SPOTS Mrs. Hergh’s class! #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
  • Capture the flag with Second grade 🖤. #leopardpride #showyourspots #teachersofinstagram #leopardsleaninandleadup
Lasselle Elementary believes in teaching students to be good digital citizens and providing support to our families and communities as we prepare our students to be college and career ready in the 21st century. Please check out our school wide digital citizenship curriculum and the many resources available to you at Common Sense Media.