Miss Gates

                             Welcome to Fourth Grade
                                        Room 402
Miss Gates' Class

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a restful break.  We will be starting a few new things.  Our reading program is changing.  Our class is piloting a new reading program which includes reading, grammar, spelling, and writing.  So there may be changes in the nightly homework for  these subjects.  Please be patient with me as we work our way through this new program.  I am excited about all it has to offer.  Science Fair is upon us.  It is optional and will be an extra credit assignment for any who wish to complete it.  Finally, Mission time!  In the next few weeks, I will be teaching about the missions, and each student will have a project to complete at home.  More detailed information will come home soon.  Happy New Year! Miss Gates

Good Job Gold Ribbon.png
Student of the Week/Month
  My student of the week is Brianna Cortez.  Brianna has been doing a wonderful job in class.  She pays attention and participates in our class by raising her hand and answering questions.  She works quietly and tries her best at all time. She works out each math problem all the way through until the end! I am honored to have Brianna in my class!  Way  to go!!!

January birthdays: (If you want to celebrate your child's birthday at school, we celebrate the last 30 minutes of the day and you need to notify the teacher 24 hours in advance.  cupcakes and juice boxes only)


AR-Accelerated​ Reader
Students are required to earn 15 AR points per trimester as part of their grade. They have time every day in class to take AR tests either on the neo or chrome books. Check with your student about their reading level. They must read books within their range unless they get prior approval from the teacher.

Accelerated Reader Levels for Fourth Grade

Pencil  5 Points
 Folder  15 Points
 Ribbon  25 Points
 Lanyard  30 Points
 Pin  35 Points
 Bronze Medal  40 Points
 Silver Medal  45 Points
 Gold Medal  50 Points
 Picture with Mr. Gronotte  60 Points
 Class Visit and Treat  70 Points
 Extra Playground Time with Mr. Gronotte  80 Points
 Name on Marquee  100 Points
 Lunch  and Extra Recess with Mr. Gronotte  120 Points
 STAR Performer Medal   135 Points